Microgaming Community Slot Game Arrives

Microgaming Community Slot Game Arrives
There is always a buzz of excitement when a completely new type of game appears in the online casino world. Just such a game has now been released by Microgaming, one of the leading lights in online computer gaming software.

The new game is called “Wheel of Wealth,” and is a true multi-player slots game, which is the very first of its type ever to be deployed in an online casino. This game differs from the multi-player tournaments that are primarily for slots in that it provides the capabilities for players to chat amongst themselves and play together in community shared bonus rounds while enjoying the full benefits of its real time multi player capabilities.

Wheel of Wealth literally places players together in the very same virtual slots game space. It enables players to view each others’ game play and results, all in real time creating a true community gaming experience.

The game works by taking the player to a virtual room where they join other players that are already playing Wheel of Wealth. You can watch as other players spin the reels, place bets and either win or lose as you would be able to observe any slots game in a real casino. The difference here is that your games are all tied in together in that when you win big, you collect multipliers from your individual game. All the while, you are in an exciting environment where other players are winning and chatting and sharing their experience.

A community tied in bonus round will be initiated when between 2 and 5 scatters show up together on the reels. Here, bonus multipliers will pay out and every player who has won multipliers is given the opportunity to select one of the spots on the central Wheel of Wealth. As the wheel starts to spin and excitement grows as it comes to a halt and all players are paid out according to the value of their individual win segment on the wheel, which is multiplied by the value of the bonus they have accumulated on the multipliers. After this Wheel of Wealth round is complete, each player goes back to their game to carry on winning multipliers in preparation for the next bonus round.

This is an exciting and highly desirable advancement on an already popular game. Microgaming has really pulled out all the stops on this one and it’s only a matter of time before it gets rolled out onto more of their online casinos.